Finding the Unexpected

I am the type of photographer who is happiest wandering around or traveling with a camera in my hand.  I like to photograph provocative, ironic or humorous subjects and situations.  In addition, I often take photographs with text or words in them.  Anything that grabs my attention is fair game. 

The photographs on this website represent moments and objects that have been preserved - scenes that we walk by every day and may not really notice.  As with all photographs, what has been excluded from each image is just as important as what has been included.  Taking ordinary objects and isolating them from their surroundings often gives them a greater significance and makes them more interesting. 

The photos on this site were taken with several kinds of cameras:  traditional film and digital cameras as well as plastic "toy cameras".  Some of these photos were made in the photographic darkroom with various techniques and some were printed digitally.